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1 Apply model. on Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:32 pm

About me
My ingame name(s): YourAnswerHere
How old I am: YourAnswerHere
What gender I am: YourAnswerHere
Where I am from: YourAnswerHere
What languages I speak: YourAnswerHere

My Jedi Academy Experience
How long I have been playing the game: YourAnswerHere
My previous clans: YourAnswerHere

Related Information
Reasons I am applying: YourAnswerHere
How I heard about SR: YourAnswerHere
Have I read and agree to your rules: YourAnswerHere
How long I have been playing on the SR server( min. 10hours, use /stats and place here time from it): YourAnswerHere
The following people ingame helped me when I asked about recruitment: YourAnswerHere
Other comments: YourAnswerHere

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