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Server Rules

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1 Server Rules on Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:28 pm

Server rules!

Category 1 - Basic Rules.

1.1 Laming is not allowed
1.1.1 ~laming is allowed only in bank or someone who owns the stash.
1.1.2 ~laming definite - Laming is attacking someone with saber/weapon down or chatbox up.Also 3xPush/Pull is laming.
1.2 Use a decent language, no swearing, insults etc.
1.3 Speak only ENGLISH in main chat.
1.4 Mind trick/Cloack up is Free kill.

Category 2 - Bank and Stash rules.

2.1 Laming is allowed in bank.
2.2 Laming is allowed against those who owns stash.
2.3 Do not meditate in bank.
2.4 Do not drop stash to someone only to kill him.

Category 3 - Admin rules.

3.1 Obey the previous rules.
3.2 Do not abuse with admin comands.Example: Using Jedi powers with Sith powers, or force powers with mercenary items.
3.3 Admin's responsability is to teach padawans how to register and server rules.


1st - Shows that you lamed and someone reported you.Also you have been seen by an admin.

2nd - Shows that you lamed and someone reported you.Also you have been seen by an admin.Now at 2nd warn, admins will start watch you behaviour.Depending on the admin they will go further into it.

3rd - Third warning is your third and last warning. This warning shows you have been to bad to our clients.And you so far have not applied to any of our rules,you will be watched,via for your last warning.

3rd warning process
You know and everyone knows 3rd warning is that you have gone way to far.
If it carries on further,it will lead to a Jail on our server.You will be in jail until the admin thinks your behavior is nessecary,or any other further stage. Everything depends on yourself basicly.

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