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Builders Group

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1 Builders Group on Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:25 pm

Builders group:

Builder[1] - Add ' to your tag

Builder[2] = Add '' to your tag

Builders leader - Master Builder

Builders co-leader - Architect


«SR»Kaitou HAX'C'
How to get in builders:

To become a builder, you have to pass through level 6. Then you can apply for builders, by talking to Perry. Then I'll test you and decide if you are going to be a builder or not.

For Builder[2]:

- Placing objects
- Making Teleports
- Making basic quests (wampa quest, reborn quest...)
- Placing effects and sounds
- Making rentable terminal
- Making payable terminals
- Making elevators
- Making stash area
- Making powerups
- Using trigger_multiple
- Using target_credits
- Making spawn and jail spawners.

For Builder[1]:
- All the things for Builder[2]
- Remapping
- Making round quest
- Making property terminal
- Making Bank terminal
- Making interactive NPC
- Using target_print
- Using target activate/deactivate
- Using target delay/relay
- Using lmd_mover

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