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1 Recruiters Group on Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:20 pm

Recruiters and Trainers:

The Group colors: SR and Rank - Yellow

Leader of Recruiters

Level 3 - Charon

Level 4 - 10 - Trainer

The Newest People

Level 11 - Apprentice

Level 12 - New Commer

Trial Period:

How to pass the test?

In the end of your trial period you must pass a test.
If you pass you will be in the clan.
If not, you will stay more time with 'P.

What should i expect to see in this test?

~ x3 duel

~ Question about stash rule

~ Question about house rule

~ Question about server rules

~ Question about Bank rules

~ Question about clan tags, what its mean and who is leader of what group.

Good Luck.

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